SRI delivers behavioural analytics to

We analyse shoppers in-store to provide our clients with deep behavioural insight to help them increase profitability and improve operational efficiency. By monitoring actual behaviour we are able to provide unparalleled insight on the most important issues in retail, from engagement, to conversion, to queue abandonment and promotional return.

We track and code 000’s of shoppers to provide robust sample sizes for truly meaningful insight. We create a 3D behaviour model that shows WHO shoppers are, WHERE they go and WHAT they do. Revealing the complex and dynamic relationship between these 3 dimensions unlocks competitive advantage for our clients.

How we work with clients

Test & Learn Environments

Analytics of different store level activations. Enables the measurement of shoppers’ responses to any applied change(s).

Category Deep Dives

Detailed behavioural assessments of specific categories. Often paid for or sponsored by key suppliers, as part of a range review process or similar improvement programme.

Promotional Tracking

Deep evaluation of promotional space, such as Front of Store, or Gondola Ends, in order to optimise promotional planning and execution.

Specific Opportunities

Detailed analysis of specific opportunities such as queue management, staff engagement or new product launches.

SRI Process

Step 1

3D Store Scan

A blueprint of the store is created on SRI’s software platform

Step 2

Data Capture

SRI’s unique video analytics capture method is installed in store

Step 3

Tracking and Coding

Thousands of shoppers are coded for every movement and action

Step 4

Analysis and Output

Rich outputs are created to inform decision making

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