Find Time

How do we look for things? Chances are that if you are like me at some point you will have lost something such as your keys and have had to try and find them. You will have gone first to the most logical places such as the key hooks by the door or the counter …

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Time To Shop

In his book Inside the Mind of the Shopper, US shopper insights pioneer Herb Sorensen states that “Shoppers only spend 20% of their time selecting purchases and 80% in transit” with the implication that retailers need to put products in the path of shoppers so they can spend less time walking and more time buying. …

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Seeing The Light

This great lecture by Beau Lotto on light and colour got me thinking…   So: Colour is important in telling us about our environment and the things in it. Colour is a function of the wave length of the illumination, the transmittance of the space between our eye and the object and the reflectance of the object. …

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A Tale of Two Cities

This week we are installing cameras across two continents, covering the BWS category in stores in Romania and Columbia. We are working with our client, SABMiller, on both these exciting projects.


We’re heading to Tanzania this week to set up our cameras in a traditional African pub, a popular on-trade location for beer drinking! SABMiller are interested in consumer behaviour and how changing the physical aspects of the surrounding may positively impact their brand performance.