Retail’s Black Hole – what’s really going on inside stores?

      Competition from data rich ecommerce is forcing bricks and mortar retailers to adapt or die. In order to prosper, high street retailers need to understand what’s really going on inside their stores. Online shoppers’ behaviour is closely scrutinised and constantly monitored. As soon as a shopper logs on to an e-commerce website …

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A Tale of Two Cities

This week we are installing cameras across two continents, covering the BWS category in stores in Romania and Columbia. We are working with our client, SABMiller, on both these exciting projects.


We’re heading to Tanzania this week to set up our cameras in a traditional African pub, a popular on-trade location for beer drinking! SABMiller are interested in consumer behaviour and how changing the physical aspects of the surrounding may positively impact their brand performance.


SRI is working with Vodafone to assist them in testing new store designs. We are currently filming the first phase of the initiatives in Nottingham and Glasgow, with the second phase due to commence next month.

ASDA In York

ASDA is using SRI’s video analytics to measure the impact of in-store digital screen media at their innovation led superstore in York. Our flexible software and tools allow us to deliver insights on different aspects of shopping experiences, and in particular the shopper reaction to the digital media.