How we do it

Our unique 3D Shopper Vision output model and dynamic heatmaps informs decision making and delivers transformational change for clients.

Store Scan

A blueprint of the store or category is created on SRI’s proprietary software.  This includes all sub-categories, fixture and brands at exact detail and scale.  This can be executed at SKU level if the project demands it.

Data Capture

SRI’s unique video analytics infrastructure is installed in the store or category.  This can be a very short term temporary installation or a long term installation for ongoing tracking programmes.

Tracking and Coding​

000’s of shoppers are coded using SRI’s 3D shopper vision model.  Shopper movements, behaviours and profiles are captured in to a behavioural intelligence database and stored for later analysis

Analysis and Output

Standard and bespoke analysis is created to answer a client brief or to pinpoint challenges and opportunities. Multi-level data enables rich findings which can be drilled in to or to examine different hypothesis.