A diagnostic service commissioned at store level.  StoreScan generates a range of new measures and insights about what shoppers do in store and will ensure that your store improvement programmes are based on real life facts.

SRI’s CatScan is designed for analysis at a category level. It will provide you with an in-depth view of how shoppers really behave in your category and pinpoint opportunities for growth.



How your staff interact with your shoppers is a vital component in the overall shopping experience. ServiceScan tracks the mechanics, quality and context of the service that your staff are delivering.

Understanding how shoppers react to specific point of sale mechanics is vital for promotional planning and measurement. The POS SCan enables clear sight of how many shoppers notice your POS, how many engage with it and most critically, how they purchase.

Promo Scan™

Tailored Progammes

Occasionally, our clients need to embark on specific challenges that do not naturally fit into any of the standard services. We can combine different elements from our four core services to create a bespoke programme that meets your needs.